Molnupiravir: Facts About Merck Stock!

merck covid-19 pill treatment with Ridgeback Biotherapeutic
merck covid-19 pill treatment with Ridgeback Biotherapeutic

Don’t get too excited for Merck stock going high on Molnupiravir!

Since the new oral treatment from Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics announced, there has been a lot of excitement about it. Results are fascinating and Merck stock price has gone up around $10 since mid-September. This may have made this a shiny stock to buy In the first week of October, it hit a peak at $82 and yet it does not look as a company changing product. No doubt Molnupiravir, a covid-19 pill, will help but social distancing and facial masks will still be with us along the way through the whole pandemic. And also we going to show you why MRK stock forecast is bright.

Results of trials

Let’s see what the results of MOVe-OUT phase 3 trial were. Trials may put on hold for different reasons. Treated patients are not benefiting or being disadvantaged and that’s the downside On the upside though, trials get stopped since those getting the placebo are clearly disadvantaged because results are so strong. The latter case means success. A failed trial is a setback and it is costly to come back from so trials must be designed in a way to have the best chance of success. That’s exactly why Merck did tweak it’s trials back in April to have the best chance of success.

In April 2021, Merck updated phase 2 and 3 of their covid-19 pill molnupiravir trials. MOVe-IN trial in which hospitalized patients participated, showed that there is unlikely to be a clinical benefit. Hence trial was cancelled. So it became clear that if COVID-19 is established, Anti-virals won’t work.

The second trial in which outpatients participated in was MOVe-OUT. Since the trial showed clinical benefits, it went on although some modifications were necessary one of which was using a higher dosage. The other modifier was using patients who have shown symptoms in less than 5 days. A requirement was that patients must have at least one risk factor. It could be diabetes, heart disease, being an elderly … .

Modified phase 3 of MOVe-OUT trial enrolled 1,850 patients from 173 locations. The population compromised to the trial was 55% from Latin America, 23% Europe and 15% from Africa and a small number from the US although 15 sites were available for study there.

The role that molnupiravir has

merck covid-19 pill molnupiravir treatment with Ridgeback Biotherapeutic a stock to buy. MRK stock forecast
Merck’s new product, molnupiravir has helped their stock to an interesting stock to buy. MRK stock forecast

Early results from 775 treated patients showed that the risk of hospitalization halved. No deaths recorded. Merck stopped taking new volunteers although the trial was almost in the final successful stage. As a result, Merck speeded up the plans to get the EUA in the US as quickly as possible. molnupiravir proved to be effective for Delta, Gamma and Mu variants. Since molnupiravir is a pill, unlike IV injection treatments, there is no need for close supervision needed. This means patients don’t need any sort of hospital or clinic treatments and that is effective. The results of the trial came from unvaccinated people and it is likely that the results on vaccinated people being more muted.

What’s the future

Vaccines are doing great and the extraordinary mRNA technology shows a quick way of development for new vaccines. Patients should take molnupiravir before virus hits them or it wont work. Dexamethasone is a desperate treatment has saved so many lives. The only missing piece of the puzzle has been a nasal spray. Starpharma might have found that piece: Viraleze.

COVID-19 hits the world in 2019 and by the end of 2021, solutions are in place. This shows nothing but a great advancement in biomedical fields. mRNA technology and vaccine players like BioNTech and Moderna. Pfizer, although having an amazing balance sheet in 2021, yet to show the benefits of working with BioNTech. In all of this, Merck stock could be thankful to their covid-19 pill molnupiravir as it has made it an interesting stock to buy.

“Merck & Co., Inc.” MRK stock forecast and price target from is $104.06

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